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Friday, September 16, 2011

Trusting inward

It's been a seemingly long week.
I've been internally emotional or maybe outward too, as I tear up when a co-worker gives me a peace crane as a momento of my peace crane project at work right now.  (got a minute?  I'm trying to collect 1000 cranes by thanksgiving...anyhow....)

It started with a driving dream.
I was in the back seat of a pick up truck with two women up front.
I didn't know them and they were laughing at the hills we were driving through.
The one woman told me to take the wheel, being in the back I didn't think I could take control...which left us swooshing through the country roads.
I consciously in the dream thought, "Let go..."

My entire life when I am in the midst of analyzing or worrying, car dreams avail.
Their messages are simplicity defined.

So, I am sure I should let go of my mind right now. I'm in an overly analytical time..maybe it's the fall..shutting down the summer heat and beginning to go inward.

It is the most natural inclination.  Turning inward with the seasons.  Letting go of sunshine and outdoor play, to an inner-ness.  For me, it is taking care of my home, my dreams, taking stock of where I am and paying attention to the hills ahead.  To the swooshing road.
I waiver between trying to respect my emotions and knowing the cut off point too.
Because really--it's all good.

I just need to remind myself to trust.
Having confidence. Trust. Intuition.

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