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Monday, September 19, 2011

Practice remembering

We hear it all the time, or at least I do--maybe it's me talking to myself...
honoring the divine
joining together
right palm
left palm
meeting in the center

right nostril
left nostril
centering sushumna

Back to balance..
My practice this morning was limited because I woke up with a stiff neck, feeling
the tightness down the right side of my spine.
So slowly I trodded onto my mat, understanding that when I feel this tightness that
stretching is that fine line between helping and hurting--so I listened closely to what I could handle.  
What I found was a playful balance between my right and left side...I didn't want to take it all that serious.
I have a semi-sick child home for goodness sake! So...I did what I could and knew I could take what I discovered to teaching tonight--at least on some level.

Then--through this homeness, I decided to make beads.  I haven't had my glass out in probably almost 3 crazy years.
I was almost afraid I would forget some vital step between lighting my torch and rotating glass, but YIPPEEEE...it is truly like riding a bike, you don't forget.
It just takes practice at remembering.

Practice at remembering.
Remembering that life is not just this or that, neti-neti, but a balance between 
upside down.

Practice at remembering.
Remembering at my kitchen table what it feels like to be home.
To remember how I liked being home.
Being married.
Being a wife.

Practice at remembering.

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