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Monday, September 05, 2011


I've spent the last 36 hours without electricity due to a 'microburst' storm as the fancy-pants weather people are calling it these days.  I suppose the time of calling it a 'mini-tornado' is over...a 'microburst'...whatever you call it, disrupted life in this small town over the weekend.  Some folks are still without power and thankfully mine, returned about 1pm.  

I always spend the first 12 hours enjoying not having electricity (as this has happened on at least 2 other occasions for long periods of time in the past few years).
The silence in the house is always a surprise.
No refridgerator hum.
No computer noises.
It's like summer camping, but in my house, with dishes and laundry surrounding me.

After the first 12 hours I start to think about what's in my fridge.
Should I find somewhere to take it?
When will the power really come back?
Maybe I just need to clean out my fridge anyhow...

And then I fall into a peacefulness.
I don't mind not having power...that is until I see other people have power (because we're always one of the last streets to get reaquainted with this pleasure).
It's a strange feeling.
Almost envy, but not--it's a questioning, internally of why do the people by the park have electricity and we don't.
And then I get philosophical...like 
what if I lived where water was scarce or electricity...how would I feel about my neighbors
who seem to be blessed with this non-necessity and I don't. 
Would I become resentful?
Is that how wars begin?
Or at least fights?

And then I relax back into the moment.
I walk back into my house, light candles and enjoy the quiet.
Enjoy a true relationship with my daughters.
Enjoy watching the dogs play.
Enjoy quiet.

But--woohoo, did I tell you I'm thankful to have electricity back?

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