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Thursday, September 08, 2011


Teaching yoga has been a wonderful journey I've started on, but finding the irony in personal expectations never ceases to surprise me.

I hadn't taught in a week, which anything else I don't do for a week, seems like a vacation...but not teaching. It's different.  I feel more purposeful in my language, my words, in my poses when I return to students.  It's less about having an agenda or some fancy schmancy flow planned, than reading my students and seeing what they're ready for next.  And part of that reading brings me into doubting my intuition, which leaves feeling unprepared--even though if I'd really trust myself--I completely am for the moment.  So..anyhow, as soon as we were done this morning, my 2 students (did I mention it's at 7:15 and that seems to be too early for most folks) were all gooshy on how great it was.

Really?  I wanted to ask, but could tell they were very sincere.  I hadn't come to class with an idea of what I wanted to convey, other than using the word 'ahimsa' at some point.  Ahimsa is sanskrit for non-violence or non-harm.  It always pops in my head when I'm in childs pose. Surrender. Compassion. Being nice to yourself.  Not harming yourself or others.

A good beginning to the weekend..Om

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