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Friday, September 09, 2011

Free. To. Be. without a breathalyzer.

Maybe I've read too much dystopian young adult fiction, but the turn of all-things-education has me slightly freaked out.

Last night my oldest told me that the school is going to make all the kids take a breathalyzer before entering the Homecoming dance...
She repeats.
"UHHHHHHHHH..." I'm speechless.  I'm very aware that the kids are underage, so yes--they should not be drinking.  It's generally not a problem, so I hear.  I know that the school is "scaring" them.  First, "Dirty dancing" permission slips...now this.
Still speechless.
"Well, if you want to go then I guess..." Speechless.
Do the kids not have rights?
Or really are they going to grow up feeling policed?
Guilty before proven innocent.
Words and thoughts just kept crossing my mind.
Drinking after the dance.
Kids will.
Still no words.

And today, as I read "Delirium" by Lauren Oliver for booktalks, I see that this dystopian future is so much of the present.  Not like the days I grew up.  Not that it was better..just different.  More relaxed.  Free.  To.  Be.

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