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Monday, December 22, 2014

Moving on...

And again, I am starting over...

The boy I aided has moved.
It was an emotional last day.
It has been emotional since we knew he was moving.
Being autistic and 9 years old, change was not inviting to him...at all.
He acted ways he never had before, but the teacher's were amazing with him
and I felt like I learned even more.

And now, I am moving to the severe autism unit. I am going this morning to visit, so I will at least know where I am going the first day of school.  The kids won't be there, but I will find out more from my director what my responsibilities are and how I will be trained.  

Honestly, I hope I am strong enough, emotionally and physically, for this job.  I think that I will know one way or the other whether I would prefer this setting or a typical public school job setting.  With my schooling, it is only a plus..it's just the not knowing, I suppose.  

I've wondered that maybe this is what I meant to do...or do well at.  When I did book talks, one of the things I loved was visiting different schools and community settings, sharing books.  Now, even though I am mostly staying in the same place, I am periodically changing and this gives me more of a chance to help.  Getting to know different adults and children, creating connections....

What I think it's all about.


Sunday, November 02, 2014

It has been
more than a clock full of days
placed under
Tuesdays away

I am going to school
where's the time


Thursday, August 07, 2014

best summer ever

As I sat on my yoga mat this morning all I could think was, This has been the best summer ever. 

I considered my last good summers...the girls were much younger, so even though they were great - I was super busy.  Now I am busy, but I can sleep, sit and eat - mostly at my own pace.  I sleep so well these days I am worried I might not hear sounds that I should.  I sit and listen to the mourning doves. I eat clean. Healthy. With a side of junk on occasions.  I feel really good.
And I am so grateful.

I have traveled to Michigan and Kentucky.  Hardly exotic, but time away has been long enough to feel rested mentally.  I have seen Ziggy Marley, been to Country Concert and will soon be heading to Nashville to see 1D.  I have spent countless days in the sun, letting my hair & skin turn it's natural highlighted color.  I realized yesterday that I haven't put sunscreen on in a month (not a big fan of the chemicals) and my body is as brown as it will be...till next year.

I have taught more yoga than I can count and have worked with wonderful students.  I love being a student all the time.  

Plus, I have simply gotten to be home.
Time is such a gift.
It is what makes a poor person feel rich.  
I don't know how it makes a rich person feel.
Probably content.
Time should make us all content.

Anyhow,  so *cheers* to the best summer ever.
Much love.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Well, after months of daily stress and years of walking on the edge, I was offered a new job 2 weeks ago and will be starting tomorrow...as long as the weather cooperates.
I won't go into the details of my former job, other than I loved my actual job and most of the people, but other components of the job turned my dream job into an anxiety ridden reality. 
The plus in this former stress was that I studied my yoga, my spirituality, myself and situation, to try and find peace of where I was at.  I understand that change happens and there are mean people in the world, but I have worked for wonderful people in the past and I know it exists.  I know that the people above are capable of supporting the people below.  And I tried to be that good person.  I tried longer than I needed.  But then this past 6 months, I knew I couldn't do it any more.  I knew I would get sick if I stayed.
But really, finding a job is hard work.  It's a job itself.
I applied online.
I talked to friends.
I tried to network.
I listened to self-help, Abraham-Hicks and meditated like crazy - and then I did something...I applied to go back to school to get my licensure and I let go.
I tried to 'stay neutral.' I knew that the only way out, was going back to school...and a funny thing happened...I got a phone call to be an aide at a school within weeks.
So the Universe was listening..it heard school and knew that was my way out.  And here I go...back to school - 2nd grade, but I am going.
All the while, applying for my Masters - but this next step will let me know my path.  I easily see myself being content and teaching more yoga - but I might decide licensure is it for me.
Thank you Universe.
My vibration welcomes this new path...flying high.
"Happiness is only real when shared".....from Into the Wild

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