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Friday, June 24, 2011

And today

So today is the teen workshop.  I don't have anyone signed up.  I don't think I've done my best on getting the word out to the teen girls I come into contact with, but this week has been chaos.  It has been promoted online and inhouse, but the girls I know won't go to Dayton unless someone is taking them.  I'll rethink this.  I will try again though...

Tomorrow is work and bellydance.
I throw work in there, but I'm mostly thinking about dance. 
Still, I'm not prepared for my solo--but am more prepared than before.  I have been practicing, but it's kinda up in the air.  Ha.  Guess it'll all work out...

Much love.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dancing in the streets

I'm officially semi-getting-nervous...in less than 2 weeks I am:
Having a yoga workshop for teen girls at Sri.  That I am not nervous about--Just getting everything together.  At this point no one has signed up and though I'd be alittle disappointed, I've learned not to take it personal.  One thing about yoga and exercise in general...people have the intention on going, but not always the follow through.  Human nature.  I've done that plenty myself.  No biggie.  Especially if you're a teen girl.

But what I'm mostly freaking out about...

On Saturday the 25th our town has something called Artisans Day.  It's basically a bunch of street vendors selling their items down Main St., dealing more with antiques and some original art.  Our bellydance troupe is performing.  Fine.  But my teacher wants us to do solo's..that'd be fine if I actually had mine choreographed...so now, I'm getting nervous.  I just found this song.  She'd like me to do floorwork and showcase flexibility.  I know it'll all come together, but officially--AAHHH...my moment will pass.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

been thinking asetya

I've been thinking about the word asetya this week.  In the Yoga Sutra's it basically means non-stealing...kinda like "thou shall not steal" or covet, etc...
I've thought about this word in different ways, whether it's being on time or being honest with yourself and others.
But mostly--I've linked this word/concept to work this week.
When we are living from our being, we are not stealing another's life work.
So--working as a librarian, as a yoga teacher--I am, Sat Ham, being true and non-stealing-in 

this moment-of who I am.

It's taken me MANY YEARS to get to this point, partially because the only "I am" I've truly taken on is being a mom.  
I may feel different next week or who knows, by the end of the day--but I feel this concept concretely--so quite happily, I feel content.  I accept.  Om

Friday, June 10, 2011

California..here they come

My girls leave this morning for California.
I am sososososo excited for their traveling, sad they'll be gone for 10 days, but overall happy for them.  Of course I wish I was traveling too--but it's all good.  They're going with their dad and visiting cousins.  

And I'm nervous.
Nervous more for me.
I've never been away from them for that long.
I know I'll be fine.  
Just a sad sigh of the future--but exciting to see them grow up and become these amazing women.

Happy travels.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Where in the world am I?

Today I was standing at the front desk, helping the jillions of people coming in just for summer reading club (well...maybe not quite a jillion) when one of the sweetest families walks up.
The little daughter, who's about 4, looks up at me and asks where I was?
I was slightly confused.
Where was I? I've asked myself that many, many times--but she didn't know that:)
And then I realized...OH where was I?

As part of the summer club, one of our activities (which was not my idea) is "Where in the world is Beth?"  There's a pic of me, then clues of where I may be.  Kids can use encyclopedias, computer..etc and enter in a raffle.  I'm traveling different places all summer long.

Anyhow...the mom steps in and explains.
She said as she was putting her daughter to sleep last night, going through their nightly prayers...she prayed that Miss Beth would be found.  I was lost.  Where in the world was I?  

Talk about so much sweetness! And making me feel pretty special.   
"Happiness is only real when shared".....from Into the Wild

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