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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Listening to this link this morning about patience and vibration ...I have heard of  'Abraham Hicks' through other people, but haven't followed up on any reading or listening.

What I hear from this is the same message I find through Swami Satchinananda and other people, other beliefs --possibly through the Bhagavad gita and other mediums.  I am reminded of being a vibrational being, law of attraction, improved situations, etc...I suppose I appreciate the message and do ultimately believe something similar.  Maybe the same.  I'm not sure.

Is it vibration?  Expectation?  Pre-destination? Muddy life?  Just finding the simply joy and acceptance in what comes, but ultimately leading back to the beginning?  Really..do I not have other things to contemplate this morning? Ha.  Going to go practice alittle burlesque-y dancing before work this morning for a weekend of being a sexy zombie dancing to Michael Bubles, I Feel Good

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