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Saturday, September 03, 2011


My oldest has a cross country meet this morning, so she had to be at the school by 645...no sleeping in even on Saturdays for her during the fall.  I'm proud that last night she even had us leave the football game early, 8:41, to be exact--so she could get good sleep.  Of course as young kids I pushed getting enough sleep, so it's pleasant to see how she naturally knows this is what her body needs.  I hope she remembers that when she's in college.  Or even next week for that matter.  

I suppose I should get ready for work.  I can't imagine it's going to be busy being Labor Day weekend.  Most people will be out--not in the library...but it's my Saturday to work.  I'll be tired by lunch..I woke up at 5, feeling a cold coming on..did a gentle yoga practice to hopefully create some tapas, helping germs flow:)

Off I go...Om

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