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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Out of the mouth

The other night I'm sitting on the couch watching teen shows with my youngest (11), while my oldest (14) was on the floor playing Sims. 
My middle daughter (13) was at a basketball game.

My youngest turned to me, "that smells really bad..." about my drink in hand.  I told her it was a drink with something like wine in it.  In reality it was Kahlua and milk. 
She then said, "whenever I smell that I always think of you."
I burst out laughing, "Really?"
Well she kinda back petals, but I told her that was alright.
I'm hardly a lush, so I'm ok with whatever her response may be.

Then my oldest pops up her opinion..."you know you shouldn't drink at all.  It's bad for you."
One word: moderation.
Her one word: No.
Black and white is her world and now that she's in health class she seems to be an expert on everything good.

Fast forward a few hours...I'm walking in the back door with my middle daughter. She explained how excited she was because in
her health class they were going to see how it was to be drunk tomorrow.  They were wearing some sort of glasses or goggles that would give them that 'drunk feeling' and then they had to walk the line.


Ok, I get the point--but in her case the lesson may have an opposite affect because she was/is way too excited in my opinion for this upcoming experience.

All on a weeknight...


Pickleope said...

Wow. Really good post.
Imagine an entire class of kids wearing those glasses wandering around like a phalanx of drunk kids! It would be like an army of child zombies. Like "Thriller" with kids.
Love your writing.

Not Emily said...

Ahh..thanks pickleope! i know--makes me just laugh thinking about it !

"Happiness is only real when shared".....from Into the Wild

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