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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Effortlessly Wonderful

This entire day was so effortlessly wonderful...

I've been looking forward to today for weeks--why you ask?
Bellydance practice!

When I chose to do my yoga teacher training this past fall, I had two concerns:
BD and bellydance.
(I wasn't concerned over my actual life/work schedule because the universe of course let my work and girls schedule flow, again effortlessly.)
But bellydance...I was worried about taking time off.
Not that I would suddenly forget how to dance, because that's impossible...again, the riding-your-bike analogy...but I was worried about what this meant for our troupe and disappointing my friends.

Though I missed a couple performances and initially had a twinge of anxiety, in the end I had to let go...knowing it's impossible to do it all and I knew what getting my YTT meant to me...so I did.  And funny how life works out, because it seemed a few of us in the troupe had life events that needed to be tended to...so they all took alittle break.
Until this morning.
And AWWWWW...how wonderful it felt to open my Being again..
I felt so alive.
My heart.
My hips.
My arms.
The music just jazzes my soul.
And I felt the internal empowerment it brings me--making my smile alittle warmer.
Then later in the afternoon we had a yoga teacher meeting...and when I hugged this other teacher she told me how hot I felt.   Alive.
Fast forward, we're all doing introductions to one another...
Me: mom of 3, librarian, just finished YTT...the end.
Yoga teacher next to me: And bellydancer....

I just about jumped with joy..Yes I said and explained my morning.
The hugging teacher said, "no wonder you felt so warm..."
And I felt alittle part of me return.

Thinking how fortunate I am...with bellydance and now yoga...and always my friends, family and library...I am surrounded by people who love me.  Wanting to see me grow, allowing change to bring about a better version. 
Kinda like a relationship...patience.

Shimmy on:)


The Boy said...

It's great that you had such a good time! I know how hard it can be sometimes going back into a hobby of you've taken time away......but I also know how fantastic it can be to return to find your friends are still there and you fall back into things so easily! Really glad that things went well, and it looks like you made the right decision to take time out and finish your yoga!

Looks like I really should start attending belly dancing classes!Keep having fun :)x

Not Emily said...

lol--there are male bellydancers out there...i don't know how that goes with reenactments, but you never know :)) thanks

"Happiness is only real when shared".....from Into the Wild

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