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Saturday, January 08, 2011

I'm slow--Bop It

I sat on the floor laughing, almost pathetically last night...at the fact of how slow
my brain registers information.  We got two Bop-It's for Christmas.  I picked one up that day, but not again till last night.

My middle daughter was bragging about her high score.
My youngest told me hers.
BD started playing too.

So, I thought--what the heck--it can't be that hard.

Wow--what do I know??
I never got past 14...which means I got 14 correct in a row.
And you only three options:

For the first few tries I got 5 & 7...
I closed my eyes, trying to focus in--blocking out the TV, chatter and my eternal
But O-M-G..I sucked.
To the point my girls thought I was doing it half on purpose.

And then I realized how slow I truly am.
I am rarely reactionary.
I think.

It can take me days to realize someone's intentions or smart-ass remarks.
Unless I am on my game that day and all the stars are aligned...or if I'm dancing the night away.

So-I'm with my BFF plus one last night...we're drinking some Baileys and coffee,
laughing about life--when I said, "Wow I realized how slow I am today..."
That sent them into hysterics, because evidently they just said the same thing about me
the day before...My BFF explained how and why this came up, while my other BF
said I am a Muse.
She has called me this many times before.
I am ok with that.
She plainly sees I am not at the same level they are...and anyone who loves me,
hopefully knows that about me...sometimes this idea makes me sad.

Other times, like last night, it just makes me laugh.
Or when I play Bop-It.


ClaireMontgomeryMD said...

i never know if i should run to catch you or reach back and grab you. but i love you!

The Boy said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with taking time to catch onto things......and snap witty come backs seem to come to mind so much quicker when you are dancing!Just dont make me play bop-it ever again!

Not Emily said...

claire--you'd know if i needed to be caught or let go..lv u2

the boy--yes dancing somehow seems to make me so much quicker:) aahhh..come on play one more game of bop-it..makes you laugh :))

"Happiness is only real when shared".....from Into the Wild

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