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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 1- picture of yourself with 10 facts

I generally don't want to commit to these 30 days of anythings, but I'll give it a try...maybe it'll help me focus...

1. I drink coffee everyday. I'm ok with this one addiction.
2. I do yoga everyday. Is that an addiction? 
3. I love dancing...I don't claim to be great, but it's in my heart to move.
4. My girls are my world. 
5. I always knew I wanted kids and wanted them before 30.
6. I am a published writer...this came about by coincidence, but none-the-less...
7. Housecleaning is not my first priority.  Living life well is, but if I was more tidy I'd like that too.
8. I wish I didn't need curtains.  That would mean living in the country--and I don't.
9. I've never bought a car.
10. I don't like socks.  Barefoot is the way to go.

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