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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 3- Picture of the cast from fave show

Honestly, I hardly watch TV anymore.
Seinfeld was my favorite show for so many years that my first two daughters births and Seinfeld share memories.
With my oldest I had Seinfeld on in the delivery room...too bad I don't recall the episode.
And with my middle daughter, I wouldn't go to the hospital until Seinfeld was over.
It was a new Thursday night episode...how could I give that up?

It's ironic though, Seinfeld is the show that I had to "let go" of to really become part of the parent I am today.  Though I was never an avid tv watcher, I did watch certain shows.
Friends. Seinfeld.  All those Thursday night shows.  The problem with enjoying shows is you WANT to watch the next one.
But kids don't necessarily care.
Nor should they.
And I clearly recall getting frustrated because I wanted to watch Seinfeld, but one of
the girls--who were babies--woke up or I had to nurse, oh you know--parent, and I felt so frustrated.  I wanted to sit. Relax. Watch TV. And thats when it hit me...I was way too attached to Seinfeld.  To TV in general.
So...I had to let go to become a better parent.
The Buddhist in me detached.

Thank the holy heavens.

Now, I watch tv with my girls on occasion and there are certain shows I enjoy if I just happen to catch them, but honestly I never know when anything's on.
I just watched American Idol for the first time this month.

And hey, I still love Seinfeld--love to laugh, but even more I love that the show helped me grow.

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