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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I love on day 12...

I have always loved Ovaltine.  I can not say the same for Quik or Hersheys.  Just Ovaltine. Love.
When I was little I would drink chocolate milk so rich with the malty-flavored chocolate I would get an upset belly.
Not the best thought, but now 30 years later--a happy-ish type memory.
Then it seemed there were many years I didn't drink it--and I'm not sure why other than I was young and my parents did the grocery shopping.

Along came my oldest and by the late 90's, I was back to drinking Ovaltine all over again.
This time, not only did I love the flavor, but understood why my parents probably bought it in the first place...vitamins and minerals. Yes, it does contain a number of them--unlike other chocolate milk products.
Plus--I felt like my girls were getting a treat.

And so--we still drink it.
Quite abit actually.
Yummy love in a glass.

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