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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 10--Who I do the most crazy things with...

I don't really do anything crazy.
I do things others may not do...like dance alone or with Jackie B...or bellydance with my friends.
I enjoy having a cocktail--but does that bring out the crazy with one certain person?
Though I understand there are certain friends you may do one thing with, but not another...but even when I think back, there's never been one person I acted all up with...I probably had a group of them:)  Though the people in my life--Tammie and Kim--have made me laugh the absolute most, which can lead to some goofiness...
Over all though...call me boring.
Or honest.
Or a party-pooper.
I'm open and up for alot, with the folks I love and trust--but not with just one person--just for the sake of it.

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