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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Edward Hopper

I THINK I discovered Edward Hopper my freshman year of college.

I can't say it wasn't before that, but i do recall writing a research paper on him in Art History that year.
I didn't like Art History...maybe it's because I consider myself an artist and have always had an issue with analyzing an artists work--when in reality there may not be any reason for whatever they chose..or a meaning we'll never know...

I fell in love with the lighting of his paintings.
The meaningful simplicity.
The everyday people.
Plus we share a birthday.

Then at 20,  I started working at the library and a patron donated a bunch of books..he was showing me everything and I commented on a lovely Edward Hopper book.  He told me to have it.  So--I did.
I don't look at it enough anymore.
It sits under my Buddha and chimes...but it's a part of this spiritual area in my room I adore.
Cheers to Ed.

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