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Monday, July 18, 2011

So...we don't have AC

its hot.
sticky hot.
i have heard it the entire day from my girls.
they're pretty sure us not having air makes me a terrible parent, in so many words.

i know i am not a terrible parent, but i am wondering why i am such a hard-ass about using window units.  

i own 3 of them.  they live in my garage.  they're cumbersome and loud and generally remind me of...of what?  i don't know, but i seem to have an aversion to them.

i do enjoy being in air, but not constantly.  i work in the coldest/hottest building EVER and everyone else in the world has air--so really, why do i need it?

do i feel somewhere this will make us "tougher?" more natural?  i just don't know.  i didn't have air until i was 10 or 11 and i do recall hating..no detesting, sleeping in general hotness.  But now--I appreciate the heat and can get so achey from cold air.  i am only 39-minus-a-few-days, so really--how achey can i be from it?

anyhow..the plus in not having AC: the evening, stirring winds that act like they're gonna bring in a storm, when in reality--they just give a sense of momentary peace. my youngest and i shared that moment tonight.  even caught sight of a decent size toad jump out of our flower bed and hop down the sidewalk.

of course--falling asleep for everyone has been difficult...leaving me to sleep downstairs with my youngest for alittle reprieve from the upstairs heat.

so--night night. 
bon soir.

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