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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Duality vs. Non in WV

So we spent the last week in West Virginia.
To me, WV is one of those states that you see the beauty and the poverty.
Follow me.

Ok...before we left for WV I had been pondering duality and non-duality.
I clearly see both ideas, but feel non-duality in my innerself...that said, everywhere I turn duality shines it's head.
Black and white.
Good and bad.
Burnt toast and bread.

I though see the light in it all.

So--we're in WV having an awesome week of camping, whitewater rafting and horseback riding.  The scenery is breath-taking...the connection of sky, water, trees..nature.   As a shifted family, we all got along pretty well--moments arise like they do, but what I see as a dating mom--it's not unconditional love on both sides, but tolerant love--trying to be unconditional.  Anywho....

I had about 30 seconds to myself and decided to take out one of many books I ended up not reading and turned to the section on duality vs. non-duality. 
Of course.
The thought from Swami V. is that life is full of duality until you reach enlightenment (of some sort) when you can see that life is non-duality.
Thanks for turning the obvious into something I could see.
I don't think of myself as enlightened, but when I read all these philosophies I see I may be at a different stage or maybe not--I don't know.  I just know I am glad I read this idea to help me with this weekly thought.


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