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Sunday, July 17, 2011


stepping street middle,
my eyes floated to the giant plane
                     through the car wash
savage loads of people 
to the corner where I heard 'god' internalized

i turned around to
see sitting masses
one single man stood 

dark hair
dark skin
army uniform with Japan on one shoulder
US on the other

I said we need to help the people 
be happy
be safe
 we began singing: 
I am a rastafarian

with dancing fervour 
bob's words leading 
people pouring smiles down the street

and that's when i saw her behind me

dark hair
dark skin
shocked into the zombie walk
i wouldn't let her go
she needed to follow him
guided liaison

until we stopped in front of my house
to find a shack-bar
serving up shots of 
"The United States of America"
sending the bikers into laughter.

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