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Saturday, July 02, 2011

And its the weekend...

What a week.
Well, last week.  I had booked myself way too much...I try to think of opportunities as abundance, but there is a breaking point.  Monday evening, I had reached mine.  I didn't crack, but I knew I needed the weekend.  And finally--it's here.

I've had a peaceful day.  I slept in--which is about 730 to me and had an amazing yoga practice.  Who needs to go to "hot" yoga, when the humidity is super high and I live without AC?  I'm not a fan of actual "hot" yoga anyhow...but, I put my yoga playlist on shuffle and delved deep into my mind, deep into body.  I started yesterday thinking of my mat and space very deliberately, as if I should be exploring all the space around my body in each position, on my mat--being silent to what that may mean.  

Anyhow, then I quick took a shower...my neighbor and I walked downtown to the farmers market.  It was kinda thin looking.  Maybe it was the lack of sun and being close to closing, but it wasn't thriving like I've seen.  Then we walked to the coffeeshop to meet Tammie, then a jaunt over to a thrift store.  I got the cutest black dress and flowing "porchy" kinda top.  Came home, cleaned and off to the pool for two hours of sunshine and reading.  Yay!!  Felt so wonderful.  I always miss having my girls with me when I go to the pool alone, but I'm ok with going alone too.  I realized today, the pool may have been the first place I went alone as a kid, taking the chance I'd find someone to play with.  I usually did.  Nowadays, I try to hide--but still love being in the sun, listening to the music and enjoy people watching.

Tonight BD and I are suppose to go to a cookout.  I'm looking forward to being with him, but I don't know how the cookout will be.  The people are friendly, but we're not at the same place, so it's not what I love--but I appreciate their willingness to have fun and be honest.  

Ahh..BD just texted me he's grabbing some DQ for us.
Off I go.

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