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Friday, October 29, 2010

Chaplins Time Traveler

I stumbled upon this yesterday, as I'm sure alot of other people did...

I showed it to my girls this morning.
First--the concept of not having cell phones was almost inconceivable.
They also didn't know who Charlie Chaplin was.
Wow--I need to work on my parenting.
But then onto time travel.

I've watched this over and over again.
I generally don't watch things like this because I see it as a PR stunt...kinda
like the balloon boy.  I still haven't watched that and honestly don't know what
the story is behind it.
I try to keep it real.

So, why is this so fascinating?
Do I want it to be real?

Of course.
I believe in so many metaphysical aspects of life--but I've never thought
much about time travel--outside of the Back to the Future movies.

Who wouldn't want to go
Back to the Future?
Who woulnd't want to go
to the

I have no desire to alter the course my life because I believe things
happen for a purpose...and we all have lessons to learn.
If I changed something from the past that just doubles my lesson plans, doesn't it?
And as for the future--I'd love to see what clothes we wear.
How we live.
How we treat each other.

As I read the comments to this mans finding, I was surprised at the
the absolute dismissal of the idea of time travel.
I realize it's a scientific website and scientists want cold hard facts...but please people
just relax and consider the possibility.

Whether it ends up being a PR stunt or actual footage--I at least know my girls and I
had an interesting morning conversation.
Time travel.
Cell phones.
Charlie Chaplin.

All over a cup of coffee.


ClaireMontgomeryMD said...

and then you had to show me . . . schizophrenia is nothing new. ;)

Not Emily said...

:)) ok--i realize there's that possiblity too..

"Happiness is only real when shared".....from Into the Wild

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