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Friday, October 01, 2010


I walked back from the bus stop
this morning
Oct 1
has been the first day in weeks that I have a morning
to sit
to be

for a moment

before laundry

just be


The Boy said...

Love this feeling. Just when you realise that you have some time that is yours, some time when you are not racing around, that there is not something that you have to be doing right then and there. I hope you enjoyed it!

P.S. sorry no mankini on the Walk

Not Emily said...

Thanks The Boy..I did enjoy :)) Sometimes it makes me sad to think I've lost time--filling it with things that "have to be done"...but so appreciate these moments:))

And wow--no mankini, how disappointing:)

ClaireMontgomeryMD said...

you need more of these. TAKE more of these.

"Happiness is only real when shared".....from Into the Wild

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