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Friday, August 05, 2011

Sophie Lucille

Puppy power.
Woooooo...what a decision--I let my oldest daughter-15-get a puppy.

She's been begging since her birthday in May.
I've been a steady no-to-i'llthinkaboutit--to--we'll see...

It didn't help that BD was supporting her, but my decision ultimately--which I respect.

That said, she has been patiently presenting her case--even started emailing people
on craigslist when I said it was ok...until last week when I agreed to take her to the pound.  

I knew I was a puppy owner before we left home...
And there she was waiting for her--a litter of 6 lab mixes (again, what was i thinking?)--but 
the sweetest little puppy girl ever.
Like they all are--

Not so sweet when I can't get my morning asana in--but a reminder of what's 
important and simple love.


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