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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Positive thinking

Tomorrow is another new year.
At least for my girls.
And for me in some small way.

They start back to school, getting up between 5:30-6am, groggily eating
a bowl of cereal and doing their sunkissed hair.
6,8 and 10th grades.
I've said that many times today and will probably
for a few weeks...it's a common question.
Working with the public, I am reminded how
I've grown up with people and older people feel
they know me, and my girls, simply by daily, weekly or monthly contact.
So, when they ask what grades they're going in and I state:
6th, 8th and 10th...it's like:
Where did the time go? 
You see it in their expressions, often shared by "Oh I remember
you walking them in the stroller."


Now, I'm lucky just to be walking with them...spending time with them.
I feel a huge amount of guilt not being home more, but they 
seem well adjusted--though I probably won't know that for a few more years.
They do seem happy though.

Hopefully--they have a good year...but then again,
it's middle school.
High school.
That's generally isn't the most simple, but I'm gonna stick with
positive thinking though>:))

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