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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting older

The thing about getting older, at least this afternoon, is I am slowing less judgemental. I've never been too harsh on people, but activities/concepts/beliefs, I am not the most zen-ish.

I loosely maintain standards, but let things go that don't serve my day.  Take this afternoon for instance..BD and I went to the 3rd grade Pee Wee football game.  He wanted to watch his friends youngest son, so off we went to sit in the HOT sun.  He goes back later to help coach the 6th grade Pee Wee--um, not me.

Anyhow, anytime I go to football games I am completely fascinated--almost to the point of being disgusted, at what this sport does and means to people.  I don't get football at any level--more, I don't the mentality of the game, the coaches and the parents.  It seems so loud and hurtful.  Each time I go I am thankful my girls didn't want to cheer at this age (um, I have an 8th grade cheereleader this year. sigh.) and I don't have boys that play...yet, today I did enjoy going.  Watching the boys run the ball, seeing how it does bring people together--and if they're not crazy-serious, having a good time.  I laughed at the cheers that I swear haven't changed in 40 years--the ones I knew by heart in 1st grade (and I probably did when I cheered) and that's been quite some time ago.  I felt less angry at placing these young girls in front of a crowd for show--and saw the entertainment to it.  They were young girls having a good time, laughing and being happy--even if it seems silly. 

So--I felt good--in the setting--in the place--in the hot football sun.

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