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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wow--the longest 30 days ever!!

What happened to my 30 days of pictures?? 
Well--first, my computer continues to malfunction and I find the less I use the other one, well--the less I am on--Period.
But today, I thought I'd catch up on some blogging and general surfing.

So--anyhow, on whatever number this is of 30 days, I am suppose to show a picture of my day.


And so--what I think of my day, less than an actual picture of it...

1****)  Finding out my middle daughter made cheerleading, after week long practices.  She also began track this past week full time, so I knew in the end she'd probably get sick.  I was hoping it'd wait till the weekend--unfortunately it set in on Friday.  The day of try-outs.  But still--she did her best and made it.  I found out this morning!!

1) Thankfully, I got to sleep in with my beloved BD after the seemingly longest week in forever.  Though it was a good week in the actual work that I did, it was simply too busy.  These days I try to view business as abundance, but sometimes it's just too much and in the end, sleep is needed. Yay for this morning.

2) Subbing Family Yoga this afternoon.  I do it alittle different than the normal teacher, because I base my class more on stories.  I've realized lately, what I love to share is based on words. Stories. Books...which is why I chose English in college as my major, I suppose.  I love figuring out the meaning in words and what the author wants us to think about--so whether it's sharing books or yoga--it's all about doing what you love in the end.

3) Making spaghetti for BD and me--simply enjoying each other..love love love.  

4) And now--this evening...it'll be good too.  Maybe I'll sit and read.  Maybe a cocktail.  Maybe both.  Love. Love. Love.

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ClaireMontgomeryMD said...

i love that you're happy.

"Happiness is only real when shared".....from Into the Wild

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