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Thursday, June 07, 2012

The same falls, but only different

Yesterday I was supposed to have a yoga class at
Charleston Falls.  FYI, the above pic is not CF--but a lovely google image...

Anyhow- I showed up waiting for the 6 people who confirmed they were coming --
but ended up talking to the park program coordinator for 15 minutes before we
decided no one was showing.  Though I was initially disappointed, I ended up
having my own blissful morning hiking the park in the early morning.

I sat in front of the falls quietly when I had this thought, which really belongs over on my beginning yoga blog: Inhalexhalebreathe , comparing the
largest fall with the tinier ones and the trickling ones.
The largest being like the Universe, God, Goddess, Godhead...
The smaller ones being offshoots of the largest--doing the same dharma, purpose as
the largest -- their job is just as important, just in a different area.
I thought about "god" then being a mom, yoga teacher, librarian -- but really any life purpose or any god. It is all the same connection, same source of knowledge...

I ended my hike out in the Goldenrod field, placing my mat in the newly built
hexagon house--doing a grateful practice for the day, using Tree as my pinnacle pose.


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