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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Different Kind of Summer

This is turning out to be a different summer, but I realized that the first day the girls were out of school.

First--they really don't care if I am home.  They want me to be here to cook and clean for them, but
their friends have finally won first place.  Though I'm alittle sad about that, I am glad they are
normal teens and have friends.  I've never tried to be their best friend, but I am happy they still
like me most days.

Second--they haven't been home that much.  This week my friend took them to Southern Ohio to
hang out with her girls and though it's a break in some regards -- like cooking -- my sleep has
been off.  Partly because they aren't here, but mostly because of Sophie--our youngest dog.  She
misses them and cries at their door at night.  She's cried a couple nights because she's decided
she wants to go out and play at 2am.  As much as I try to ignore the sounds, I have mom-radar and
really can't fall back asleep.

Third -- they kinda have jobs.  Well, my oldest does...she's just starting to work
at a local coffeeshop.  I am very proud of her and can't wait for the yummiest hot chocolate
in town.  But, my younger two are babysitting for half the summer too...and my oldest will have
to drive them if I can't. 

Maybe that's it.
Suddenly with my oldest behind the wheel, as scary as that may be mentally, it truly
has freed up some of my time.
My worry.
That's it.

When I was married, I always had another driver now that I think about it.  And I haven't for 3 years now.
My parents, friends and bf all help if I need it, but I try my hardest to do what I can...and now
I have joined help.

So -- yay for a different summer.
Soft change.

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