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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Why isn't there a TGIS?  If I could create it, this would be the week.
I found myself caught up in the emotional roller coaster of politics, which I try my hardest
to stay out of.  I am not overly political, but I do like to know the general blow-around that's
blowing around in the political arena.  And when women's health is the hot topic,
I guess I step up my radar to know what's being presented.

So, when I discovered a link on one of my friends Facebook page in the general
support of Rush and the slut comment, I was positively appalled.
First, he's married with children. Second, niavely I think he's not like that.  I could not and can not understand
why or how he didn't see what the big deal was/is.  I texted one of my BFF's to check-in
with my feelings on this.  I went ahead and simply put a :
unhappy face on his wall.

He dialogued back how he wasn't supporting Rush or Fox, but basically didn't get it.
My friend put a  stand-up comment back and after a day of obsessing,
I finally wrote back.  In the end I stated that if he wasn't supporting this link,
then let us know. 

This upset me most of the week.
He's a best friend.  I was shocked, but I continue to see how our lifestyles have
created these very different teenage-friends-now-adults.  I know we'll always be
friends and we are completely allowed to disagree, but this seemed different somehow.

It's ironic, because most of the time I am very aware of the differences between
my BF and I, but when it comes to womens health--he's very pro-woman.  If he were not,
I couldn't be with him. Plain and simple.

Maybe that was the problem...it was the reality with my friend, that he and I --though
not even possible to be together--couldn't be 'be.' Hm.

So, now it's Sunday--and thank goodness I can go to bed early.
I can contemplate on my new week.  My new yoga schedule.
5 classes a week now, plus still my regular library hours.  It could cause a girl
to crack.  I haven't.  I hand it over to the universe to know when to step in and
give me the guidance to honor what I feel and know I can handle. 

The end.

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