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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Where in the world am I?

Today I was standing at the front desk, helping the jillions of people coming in just for summer reading club (well...maybe not quite a jillion) when one of the sweetest families walks up.
The little daughter, who's about 4, looks up at me and asks where I was?
I was slightly confused.
Where was I? I've asked myself that many, many times--but she didn't know that:)
And then I realized...OH where was I?

As part of the summer club, one of our activities (which was not my idea) is "Where in the world is Beth?"  There's a pic of me, then clues of where I may be.  Kids can use encyclopedias, computer..etc and enter in a raffle.  I'm traveling different places all summer long.

Anyhow...the mom steps in and explains.
She said as she was putting her daughter to sleep last night, going through their nightly prayers...she prayed that Miss Beth would be found.  I was lost.  Where in the world was I?  

Talk about so much sweetness! And making me feel pretty special.   


M. Hicks said...

This was quite funny, and I'm more than a little jealous that you get to work with books all day.
Do you actually get to go to any of the places you are going? If my boss made me the center of attention in that way, I'd think about making sure I got souveneirs from all the glorious locations as hazard pay.

Anonymous said...

that is adorable! I love the things that little kids say...they really are so innocent and sweet. Glad you are found. :)

Not Emily said...

M.Hicks--how brilliant!! I think souveneirs are in order:)) I only wish I got to go these places...this week I'm in Australia hahaha.. Thanks!

Jewels--yes, i do love what kids say--thanks:)

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