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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dancing in the streets

I'm officially semi-getting-nervous...in less than 2 weeks I am:
Having a yoga workshop for teen girls at Sri.  That I am not nervous about--Just getting everything together.  At this point no one has signed up and though I'd be alittle disappointed, I've learned not to take it personal.  One thing about yoga and exercise in general...people have the intention on going, but not always the follow through.  Human nature.  I've done that plenty myself.  No biggie.  Especially if you're a teen girl.

But what I'm mostly freaking out about...

On Saturday the 25th our town has something called Artisans Day.  It's basically a bunch of street vendors selling their items down Main St., dealing more with antiques and some original art.  Our bellydance troupe is performing.  Fine.  But my teacher wants us to do solo's..that'd be fine if I actually had mine choreographed...so now, I'm getting nervous.  I just found this song.  She'd like me to do floorwork and showcase flexibility.  I know it'll all come together, but officially--AAHHH...my moment will pass.

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