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Sunday, June 12, 2011

been thinking asetya

I've been thinking about the word asetya this week.  In the Yoga Sutra's it basically means non-stealing...kinda like "thou shall not steal" or covet, etc...
I've thought about this word in different ways, whether it's being on time or being honest with yourself and others.
But mostly--I've linked this word/concept to work this week.
When we are living from our being, we are not stealing another's life work.
So--working as a librarian, as a yoga teacher--I am, Sat Ham, being true and non-stealing-in 

this moment-of who I am.

It's taken me MANY YEARS to get to this point, partially because the only "I am" I've truly taken on is being a mom.  
I may feel different next week or who knows, by the end of the day--but I feel this concept concretely--so quite happily, I feel content.  I accept.  Om

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