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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I don't like to write about work--because mostly I like to leave work at work and I'm highly paranoid of some big-brother-blog-police--but really I'll make an exception, mostly because it has little to do with work and more with little, schmarmy salesmen.

During days and two nights a week I am a librarian..for those who think we sit around reading all day--THAT is a dream job..I work with the public, which is always challenging--but also deal with smalltown politics, which can get old.  That is not the point--the point,

One in particular...

Not Billy Mays or this other guy, but a library salesperson.
I dealt with him one time in the past and wasn't horribly offended, so I thought when I got a phonecall from his office and I had a few hours to spare--I'd take the time and peruse some books he was trying to sell.

Unfortunately for him--trying is the key word.
He may have sold me a boatload, but as the library chit-chat turned into him asking me about my personal life (I kinda am an open book) turned into his dating life and his long distance girlfriend...all the way to his being on Match and if I was ever on Match.com and what did I think of it?

(umm..no and I work in a library..match to me is on the computers all day long by people who don't seem to want to actually meet people.  Now I know this isn't always true.  I've known people it worked for, whether dating or marriage--but I'm pretty negatory on this)

Then went so far as to say I've probably gotta beat off the boys...

(umm..no.  1st I have a big strong BF who would surely beat them off first:)) and REALLY? DID I JUST HEAR THAT? Do you not see I am trying to do my job and look at books to buy?  Really???)

He asked if I went out (because I don't often and again--I have a BF) where would I go?  I should've said, "Nowhere close to you."  I said I don't.  My BF and I do more family parties.

I continued to talk about my boyfriend and realized by the end of the booklooking--how he didn't let down.   And really--if I were someone different--he could have some problems to deal with.  I am all about connecting and learning about people, which I'm sure is why he felt comfortable enough to open up about his life--but when it infringes into my professional life, that is a problem. 
Or at least for him.

Sadly, I won't be buying thousands of dollars of books from him.
Not even a dollar.
And really yes I should have said from the first personal question that I don't want to talk about it, but I thought he'd pick up on my ignoring and my vagueness--but I guess some people don't see the obvious.  I just like connecting with people, but sometimes you have to let the dots-to-dots not make any pictures--just random images.

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ClaireMontgomeryMD said...

you need to sign up for my bitchy boot camp. but this is why i love you so much.

"Happiness is only real when shared".....from Into the Wild

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