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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Best story I heard today...

It was after storytime and I was trying to sort through the pile of papers and books overflowing my desk...I looked up and noticed grandparents taking their storytime grandson home.

"Have a good afternoon," I said smiling.
The Grandma says to her husband...oh do you know Not Emily?
He looks at me and you could see the husband oh-no-I-don't-know look on his face..and I said, "no we don't."

She introduces me as my Grandmas grand-daughter, which I love, and then I said to him..."Oh I've seen pictures of you."

The picture I was thinking of was my Uncle (who I never met--he died when my mom was a baby from a motorcycle accident) and this man, plus a group of other boys who all were around bicycles.  It was from the 50's.  Black and white.  Snazzy.

And then this man says to me, "OH you probably don't know about post World War II and your uncle and I."


He explains that post WWII alcohol was rationed and you had to get a card to be able to buy it.  He somehow ends up with 4 cards and of course my uncle had to have a card.  My uncle was old enough to buy alcohol, but you could get more maybe? with this card.  So, my uncle plus this grandpa-man would buy as much as they could for .64 cents and then turn around and sell it to "the alcoholics" for 5.00...he said they were easily making an extra $20 a month, which was alot back then.  Heck! I'd like to make an easy $20 even today.  Of course we got a chuckle from it...I'm sure he's laughed about that for 60 years now...
Best story from storytime today!


ClaireMontgomeryMD said...

aaawww . . . i love that story. i'm thinking we could and should find similar ways to make some fast cash.

Not Emily said...

i agree...all we need now is a webcam..you've got the side door:)

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