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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

To be

Back in April I got my first UTI.  Pretty good for being 38.
Until then I had a medium amount of sympathy and empathy for women who had UTI's.  I really thought it was livable and if you didn't think about it, as in peeing "it"--it wouldn't bother you.
Little did  I know you CAN'T NOT THINK ABOUT PEEING.  When you have an infection, that's truly all you can think about because you're constantly inflamed somehow somewhere.  So--anyhow I took most of my med back in April and understood the pain involved.

Fast forward to now and I have to wonder why I've gotten now 2 (maybe 3) UTI's in the last few months...ok--I know the scientific bacteria reasons, but I'm talking psychological.   And even then--I may know why I'm getting these UTI's, which I'm sure the devil I don't believe in, created.

I'm laying or is it lying (chicken or whore Tammie?) on my living room floor, attempting to find comfort.  My body has decided it can't do anymore today.  I went to bed with an impending infection.  Woke up with it--went to the dr's and yes--blood was detected...and came home forced to rest.


I have alot of work to do.
Ok--I don't run the world like my BFF, but I do have a summer reading club party to plan, children and teens and I have like 3 million things to finish at home--and I truly believe in rest, downtime and simple being--but it seems I've gotten that part lost somewhere along the line.

But my body has not forgotten.
And I guess my mind will have to let go all the responsibilities I feel, to remember how to be.


The little person in my head said...

I feel your pain! I have been getting UTI's on and off since I was 16!!! I even landed in the hospital as one turned into a kidney infection!! It sucks to have to rest but it is worth it. Feel better soon.

The Skeptical Spouse said...

Welcome to the world of womanhood. Few of us make it without a UTI sooner or later. If your doc doesn't tell you:

1. Drink Cranberry juice. If calories are an issue, get unsweetened cranberry only juice and sweeten with Truvia or other no-calorie sweetener. Sometimes this alone will cure a mild infection.

2. Drink lots of water.

3. Pee regularly. Every two hours if you can manage, even when not infected. Less standing urine means less bacterial growth.

4. Always pee after intimate activity. Right after if you can, within an hour if not. And have your partner, if any, wash his/her hands before.

5. If the meds give you the runs, eat yogurt. Balancing the digestive bacteria is good for you.

This won't prevent infections, but can make them milder, shorter, and less costly.

Not Emily said...

Little person in my head---yikes since 16!! I am so sorry you've had your share of misery. Finally the meds kicked in for me

Skeptical Spouse--thank you so much! Amazingly my dr. didn't mention cranberry juice till I did. A co-worker has touted the benefits. THanks for all the terrifice advice!

Cris said...

I have been getting this since my thirties, and now have a proble with my kidneys, crystals in my kidneys. But I have learnt to live with it.

The main thing is to always drink plenty of water, so I always, always carry a bottle with me.

Pee frequently, and when you go to pee make sure the water doesn't splash back to you, put some toilet paper in first. Very important specially if you use other toilets, not your own.

Red grape juice helps a lot.

Always wash up after intimate activity, because man may have the infection without knowing it.

If you are in a lot of pain, take a small towel and wet it with cold water, then place it over your abdominal area, cover with a blanket if its cold, stay like that for at least an hour. It relieves the pain. but do it before eating and not after.

Cheers, Cris

Toni Tralala said...

I can empathize with you. I used to get UTI's so often because I held in my pee even if I knew it was wrong. I got a distended bladder because it was that bad.

A friend of mine had an infection so bad that she was confined because her bladder had pus due to the infection. :s

Drink lots of water, pee when you feel the urge, avoid salty food and processed food! Pee before and after you know what! ;)

Not Emily said...

it's been a week and i'm all better...thanks for all the great advice.

i find i have a hard time drinking enough water and getting enough bathroom breaks...two things that don't work well together. i'm gonna try better.

i just don't want this to be a lifelong thing i have to deal with...thanks again.

joven said...

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ClaireMontgomeryMD said...

you're not a whore, it's lying. ;) and while i may run the corporate world, you run the real world.

"Happiness is only real when shared".....from Into the Wild

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