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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As it should be

I glance at the clock.
It's 3:0something in the morning.
"I don't feel good"
Ok..I'm in bed, it's 3--she doesn't feel good and my brain says,
"I feel like I'm going to throw up"
Oh..I need to be more awake--
"Then why don't you go do that?"
And she did.



Over again.

After the first bed conversation I told her she didn't have to worry about
waking me up, I'd hear her.
And I did.



Over again.

And I sat with my baby girl.
My 14 year old baby girl...who for whatever reason, decided to wake me up
to let me know she didn't feel good.
And I realized no matter how grown up she's becoming--going off to highschool
and all in 2 days--she is still that little girl.

The one I had first.

And now--she's better--well not so much puking anymore.  And I know one of these days she won't wake me up to let me know she's sick--if she's still at home--well, I'm sure I'll know, but one of these days--she'll just be sick.

And then let me know.
As it should be.


Me, myself and I said...

This post almost made me cry! They grow up so quickly. My oldest is only 8 but there are days (especially when he is sick) that he goes back to being 2, sitting on my lap. I can't imagine him at 14. I hope your little girl feels better soon.

Tartrazina said...

chanced upon your blog accidentally - and LOVE it! i've been living away from my mum for 15 yrs, but last year, i was in the Himalayas - and had a bout of Altitude Sickness and spent the entire night throwing up in my freezing cold tent - and all i wanted to do was talk to my mum!!!! but there was no phone network! so trust me even if she doesn't wake you up - just thinking of you will be comforting. xxx

Not Emily said...

Me, myself and I--ahh..they do grow up quickly! enjoy it all--and i'm glad you could connect with it! thankfully it was short-lived!

Tartrazina--that it the sweetest thing ever! being sick always makes me want my mom too:)) thanks for writing:)

hiphophippie.com said...

Awwww!!! I totally used to do this to my Mom! I wish I still could! :(

ClaireMontgomeryMD said...

i'll always let you know when i'm sick.

Anonymous said...

How beautifully written. I am not a mother but as a daughter I know that there is nothing more comforting than my mother stroking my hair and back when I am sick. Nothing I want more than her care...even at almost 30.

HoshiMaru said...

Will you miss it? Miss that pressence your child has in your house? I bet you will. I bet that is how all parents feel everyday their child isn't there. BUT I bet when your little girl is leaning over the toilet puking her guts again but this time in her own house or alone in some bar or what not she'll think to herself, "mom, I don't feel good." And miss you a bunch too. Cause everyone always needs their child or parent.

klrqueen said...

I can relate to this story so well, and I just love your blog! Thank you for taking time to relay these words from your life experiences!

"Happiness is only real when shared".....from Into the Wild

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