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Friday, June 18, 2010

Was it a heart attack...no--just puking

So I'm at the back of the room, trying to help a woman. 

I hear a cough coming from the front.
I actually think it's the old man at the counter having a heart attack.

The woman keeps talking.

I know this is not a normal cough.
No one is around.
Too much not around.

It's the "special" boy--puking.

First on the computer.
Then the carpet.

I leave the woman and run to get him a trash can.

I keep thinking, No one helped him.
The adults close by--nope.

He stands there--
I'm holding the trash can, petting his back--like any good momma would do--
telling him he'll be ok.

He told me to speed dial #3 mom.
No answer.
Dad at work.
Grandma had to pick up.

With eventual help,
it was all cleaned up.
Taken care of.

And that special boy--probably 13, but mentally 4--
thanked me --full name and all.


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