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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Silent Saturday with some prison needs on the side

Silent Saturday morn
t.v. giggles
pencils sketching
teacher playing
Rosie's collar
getting comfortable

Yesterday I had to go to an allday workshop for work. I had been looking forward to it all week, mostly because I knew I would be out of the building.  These days work has a generally low grumbly energy that zaps my high spirits, so this felt like a great way to spend a sunny day...in a very well windowed meeting room with fellow librarians:)).  The workshop was basically about the importance of baby storytimes in libraries and how parents need to teach their kids how to read before school.  Of course the woman was preaching to the choir, which she knew being a librarian herself, but she put on a decent workshop.  

At the beginning of the whole thing she threw out some statistics that they've obviously presented over and over again--scary statistics like prison needs being based on 3rd grade reading levels.  Well, being the librarian I am, I googled it.  The first link that popped up was this: Prisons dont use reading....  Now I'm at a stand still on this...I understand and can plainly see how this is an urban myth, but now I know I need to email this woman and let her know what I've discovered.  It makes me wonder though whoever wrote what she was telling us about, if they could wrong about MORE??  Really...we're librarians.  I know we're just as wrong as Joe-Schmoe sometimes, but this seems carelessly wrong too.

In the end, the presentation was good but it was about teaching and reading for pre-k.  And I loved the fact she worked with pregnant teens in highschool and at vocational schools...all very important and extremely needed.   

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