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Monday, May 24, 2010

Shall I compare thee ?

It was a quiet weekend--well kinda.  Our troupe danced in an all-ages recital, which was great--but I was shocked at how nervous I was on stage.  I don't know if it was the realization that these were all "hometown" people watching--the ones I try to stay under the radar from...or if it was actually being on a stage with the BRIGHT lights X-ing everyone out except the one little girl in the front row, smiling up at me.   It felt good though.

Afterwards everyone went their own ways and I was met back at the house by my own star-lit girls, their dad and his girlfriend.  We like each each--I feel lucky, but I realized they had no clue I was dancing and the GF was alittle rattled.  She laughed asking if she could hate me now (of course I said yes, but I hope not) and then she proceeded to do what women do...which I feel bad about:

I could feel her uncomfortable images running through her head, talking about how she's young enough she should be taking better care, etc. etc. etc...Please please GF's --do not do this if at all possible.  Everyone is at their own place and if by some chance, watching dancing or knowing about yoga, inspires you to try something new--then by all means, go for it.  But please, don't compare yourself in the meantime.  You have talents, I surely do not. 

Just BE.

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