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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Well, after months of daily stress and years of walking on the edge, I was offered a new job 2 weeks ago and will be starting tomorrow...as long as the weather cooperates.
I won't go into the details of my former job, other than I loved my actual job and most of the people, but other components of the job turned my dream job into an anxiety ridden reality. 
The plus in this former stress was that I studied my yoga, my spirituality, myself and situation, to try and find peace of where I was at.  I understand that change happens and there are mean people in the world, but I have worked for wonderful people in the past and I know it exists.  I know that the people above are capable of supporting the people below.  And I tried to be that good person.  I tried longer than I needed.  But then this past 6 months, I knew I couldn't do it any more.  I knew I would get sick if I stayed.
But really, finding a job is hard work.  It's a job itself.
I applied online.
I talked to friends.
I tried to network.
I listened to self-help, Abraham-Hicks and meditated like crazy - and then I did something...I applied to go back to school to get my licensure and I let go.
I tried to 'stay neutral.' I knew that the only way out, was going back to school...and a funny thing happened...I got a phone call to be an aide at a school within weeks.
So the Universe was listening..it heard school and knew that was my way out.  And here I go...back to school - 2nd grade, but I am going.
All the while, applying for my Masters - but this next step will let me know my path.  I easily see myself being content and teaching more yoga - but I might decide licensure is it for me.
Thank you Universe.
My vibration welcomes this new path...flying high.

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