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Monday, December 22, 2014

Moving on...

And again, I am starting over...

The boy I aided has moved.
It was an emotional last day.
It has been emotional since we knew he was moving.
Being autistic and 9 years old, change was not inviting to him...at all.
He acted ways he never had before, but the teacher's were amazing with him
and I felt like I learned even more.

And now, I am moving to the severe autism unit. I am going this morning to visit, so I will at least know where I am going the first day of school.  The kids won't be there, but I will find out more from my director what my responsibilities are and how I will be trained.  

Honestly, I hope I am strong enough, emotionally and physically, for this job.  I think that I will know one way or the other whether I would prefer this setting or a typical public school job setting.  With my schooling, it is only a plus..it's just the not knowing, I suppose.  

I've wondered that maybe this is what I meant to do...or do well at.  When I did book talks, one of the things I loved was visiting different schools and community settings, sharing books.  Now, even though I am mostly staying in the same place, I am periodically changing and this gives me more of a chance to help.  Getting to know different adults and children, creating connections....

What I think it's all about.


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