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Thursday, August 07, 2014

best summer ever

As I sat on my yoga mat this morning all I could think was, This has been the best summer ever. 

I considered my last good summers...the girls were much younger, so even though they were great - I was super busy.  Now I am busy, but I can sleep, sit and eat - mostly at my own pace.  I sleep so well these days I am worried I might not hear sounds that I should.  I sit and listen to the mourning doves. I eat clean. Healthy. With a side of junk on occasions.  I feel really good.
And I am so grateful.

I have traveled to Michigan and Kentucky.  Hardly exotic, but time away has been long enough to feel rested mentally.  I have seen Ziggy Marley, been to Country Concert and will soon be heading to Nashville to see 1D.  I have spent countless days in the sun, letting my hair & skin turn it's natural highlighted color.  I realized yesterday that I haven't put sunscreen on in a month (not a big fan of the chemicals) and my body is as brown as it will be...till next year.

I have taught more yoga than I can count and have worked with wonderful students.  I love being a student all the time.  

Plus, I have simply gotten to be home.
Time is such a gift.
It is what makes a poor person feel rich.  
I don't know how it makes a rich person feel.
Probably content.
Time should make us all content.

Anyhow,  so *cheers* to the best summer ever.
Much love.

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