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Thursday, December 05, 2013


Today someone I work with asked me how I was...I try to be honest when answering that question.  It has to be the biggest lie told, but for me - at some point - I made it about checking in with myself.  I spend most of my day giving, giving, giving and sometimes I forget where I might be in the moment. So I pause, check in and then answer the best I can.

So, she asked how I was and I told her, "pretty great."
And I then I went on to explain.
Normally pretty great would be a fine way to leave the conversation, but working life has been less than pleasant this past year so I kept talking.

I told her how when I am home, I feel great.
(I wanted to tell her my vibrational frequency rocks out, but didn't want to scare her off too much...) But when I come to work, it's like BOOM...falling to the bottom of an energy pit and how I am looking for new work and I am trying to stay positive, because maybe when I focus on the negative at work it keeps me attached to that frequency (maybe I didn't say frequency) and I need to let that go so I can move on.

I think she got it.
I wouldn't say that to everyone.
She and I have a good karmic friendship in that way...

And I felt really proud of myself that I could express what I needed to say so succinctly. I had a brief moment of clarity.  #nofear #love

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