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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thankfulness in motion

Thankfulness through motion.

So...my puppy is "getting fixed" today.
We got her from the pound a few months ago, being about 4 months now.
In a time where animal abuse and neglect seem to be in the news weekly, I half expected to have some kind of background check, house inspection to acquire this love.
It was almost alittle too easy, but on the other end, I am glad there is some trust there in the big, bad world.
The only 'glitch' to the process (which is not a glitch at all, but i can't think of the right word) is that
until you get your animal neutered, the animal shelter still considers the animal their property.
Fair enough.
I neuter all my animals anyhow.
To make it even more appetising to those who may not think birth control in animals is important, they give you a $30 off coupon to take to various Dr's or shelters.  My vet was already on there, so I felt even more lucky.

So, knowing today is rolling around I look for my coupon.
And look.
And look some more.
I put it somewhere "safe" so I wouldn't lose it.
You would think as soon as that thought would pop in my mind, I'd stop whatever I was doing and say "NO! Don't do it!!" but did I?
Of course not.
So I spent a few days looking.
I even let it go, knowing my cheap ass would just eat the $30.

Then, for whatever reason, I looked in my "dog bag" this morning--and what was there??
You know.
The coupon.

So after doing the motion of 'father, son, holy spirit'--I thought, I'm not even catholic and I always do this motion. Its soothing.
Maybe liking saying 'namaste' at the end of yoga class.
Thankfulness in motion.

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