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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Occupy my dreams

This morning I woke up from NYC.
So many times when there are large issues, disasters, very human problems "out there" in the universe, my dreams link into this larger whole and I'm
swept there for a moment.  Sometimes this leads into other dreams, like this morning, other times--I am only 'there' and then back home again.

This morning I was very much in the streets with people,
watching them line up and link arms in front of a building --I think.
I look up to see a judge explaining something to them.  There was a content, busy energy around them.

The next thing I know a police officer tells me that he is questioning
my age by the way I looked at the judge.  I must've had a look of disgust in my eyes.  I wondered how the judge could see me and how that was wrong.

Then--the dream switches.

Suddenly I realize my parents and girls are with me and we need to get out of this space.  We are not safe, so I lead them into a building.  Once we're in, I realize we're no safer--what I might picture true urban housing projects to be.  I've been in spaces like this before in my dreams.  I've lived that life somewhere.  It sucks.  As we're going down the stairs I tell my dad to make sure that my middle daughter isn't left behind...put her in the middle of the group.  She's tired and doesn't want to walk anymore.

We get to the bottom stairwell. It's so dark and dirty with people in the halls. An african american woman asks me if I can tell "them" what "we" want...and I replied, "What?  Just to be nice to each other..."

And woke up.

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