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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A picture is worth...

I was sitting on the couch watching something I don't remember when I got a text.
She sent me a picture that I had to wait a few seconds to download.
It was a picture of her 'Wall of Fame.' When she bought her house she had everyone write their names on a wall in her back room.

Weeks ago my youngest, who is 15 (how did that happen?) and I stopped to visit together.  And as we were leaving, my youngest noticed the wall and realized her name had faded through the past few years, so she rewrote it.  The end.

Or so I thought.

Fast forward to the couch-sitting-downloading-picture.

BFF wrote, "Notice anything?" 
And underneath my youngest's name I noticed another name.
My very youngest.
My very youngest that I miscarried 13 years ago in black ink.

BFF told me she's never noticed it and she stares at her wall everyday.
I believe that.
I've never noticed it and there it was..is..in plain sight.
My beloved babe who watches over all of us, but I has a special connection with my youngest.  

I've blown up the picture on my phone.
I'm not one for needing logic, but I see no explanation other than spirits live with us..we just need to pay attention closer.

So, this week it's ironic and not, that my youngest got a request to reach out to a family.
I don't think she will decide to go forward with this idea, but clearly my beloved babe is right beside her in all she does.

Much love. 

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