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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guns at school

When trending isn't cool...

4th day of guns, bombs and various school dying threats.

Today is going on the 5th day warring mentality.
Will there be another note in a boys bathroom?
Does it matter what steps they put into place?
Be smart. Be done.
Does the $500 cash reward help? $1000?
Faith can be bought.

I worry about the kids who are creating chaos.
Worry about their adulthood.
I worry about their parents.
No one thinks it's their kids making this mess.
There will be a witchhunt.
Burn them at the stakes, will be murmured across the wires.
And I worry all this national hate, worry, stress will
be taken out on a couple of teenagers who need
real therapy.
Real peace.
Real love.

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