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Friday, October 19, 2012

We argued over half cooked pizza,

I told you I don’t like people with big ego’s.

You said, you mean you don’t like human beings?

No I like humans, I don’t like big ego’s.

Are you saying my brother has a big ego?

You both have big ego’s.

Then why are you dating me?

You don’t like people with big ego’s.

You don’t let it get it in the way (most of the time), I say back.

And we continue.

About football.

Turning the other cheek, you quote as my “beliefs” (or was that Jesus?)

About fronting on people.

I explain, Not controlling your anger is a weakness.

I said twice.

I told you you are passionate in your being, emotionally, physically, sexually.

You find the passion in the argument.

And you petted the dogs,

Letting go of the argument.

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