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Saturday, August 18, 2012


Last night I got a text telling me an old friend had died.
The irony is he wasn't that old.
42 tops.
He had a massive heart attack.
He lived life fully with everyone he surrounded himself with.

I met him when I was at WSU.
We dated one summer.
He was hot in the music scene.
On the verge of over the edge.
It was much simpler being his friend.

Through 20 years I would watch him perform on occasion.
See him through mutual friends at parties.
Then Facebook.

We never really lost contact.
We would leave comments or message every few months.
I'd been thinking about him all week--because I hadn't commented
on his crazy posts for some time..thought about messaging,
but the thought ended.

I had an impossible time sleeping last night, but this morning I thought
he is like my new rockgod-- showing me the way through song.

Grins J. to you.


Lilo said...

People we love never die they are always living here, in our hearts. We lose people on daily bases, but the ones we love we never lose. Keep on listening to his songs it'll make him happy ^^ Stay strong Emily...

My name isn't Emily said...

Thanks so much Lilo--very true, they do always live in our hearts:) Your kind words make me smile.

"Happiness is only real when shared".....from Into the Wild

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